Secret Language of Birthdays & Relationships

August Eighteenth The Day of Endurance
The Day of Endurance
Adaptable, Patient, Deep


Those born on August 18 face tremendous challenges which they must meet head-on and overcome. No matter how great their success or happiness in life, serious difficulties continually arise as if to test their mettle. Emotionally deep, those born on this day experience grief and adversity at a more profound level than most others. However, this rarely makes them unhappy since they know that only through trying life experiences can meaningful states of being be reached. No amount of discussion, TV, art, music or literature can convince those born on this day that there is any real substitute for experiential encounters. Their fight to manifest their personal vision of life may be a hard task but they would not have it any other way. Many born on this day are menaced by secret fears, even phobias, that lurk in the subconscious like half-hidden monsters. No matter what walk of life they find themselves in, whether in information or entertainment, manufacturing or service, they will encounter such dragons and be impelled to slay them. Not uncommonly the challenges encountered by August 18 people come as a result of their mate or close friend; the latter sometimes attracts such problems because of personality or profession. An August 18 person can be invaluable as a helpmate, guide and advisor in aiding the other person to meet and discharge responsibilities. August 18 people also function well as leaders, and generally view a greater challenge as an opportunity for a greater success. However, one of these challenges or conflicts often assumes a central position in their lives, and becomes a long-lasting, perhaps intransigent, opponent. But August 18 people nonetheless endure. Though their battles stretch on and their responsibilities increase, they can in fact lead very long lives and find a kind of well-earned happiness. August 18 people are not complainers, nor are they professional sufferers. They try to meet each challenge squarely, deal with each problem as it arises. Their view of the world is that it is not an easy place in which to live but that they will nonetheless brace up and do their best. Neither optimistic nor pessimistic, expansive or restrictive, they are realists who try to see things as they are and make the best of the situation at hand. One thing is sure—they are in it for the long haul, even when life is less smiles than survival.


Those born on the 18th of the month are ruled by the number 9 (1+8=9), and by the planet Mars. Since Leo is ruled by the Sun, August 18 people receive tremendous energy from a Mars-Sun combination, but also have a tendency to overreact emotionally, act rashly and refuse to give up on a lost cause. August 18 people have to beware of emotional outbursts, and since their inclination to quarrel can make enemies, they should try to avoid irritation when possible. Their ability to control their volatile side and harness their more imaginative qualities largely determines their success in life. The energy, ambition and dominating aspects of the number 9 insure a certain amount of success if well directed.


The 18th card of the Major Arcana is The Moon, which primarily represents the world of dreams, emotions and the unconscious. Positive attributes include sensitivity, empathy and emotional understanding. Negative qualities include emotional malleability, passivity and lack of ego.


Generally speaking, August 18 people are quite receptive to maintaining their good health and because of their high regard for experience they will be more open to personal suggestions from friends and family than book knowledge. However, their busy schedules usually admit little time for such health maintenance. Because they push themselves so hard and encounter so many challenges, regular periods of daily rest and relaxation should be strictly and carefully programmed into their schedules. Also, regular sleep patterns are essential if they are to keep their engine running on a full head of steam over the long haul. Vacations are a necessity, not a luxury. Keeping to a balanced diet, with a deemphasis on meat and sugar, and a judicious selection of grains and vegetables will help keep them on course.


Pain is not always necessary; overcoming is not the only way to proceed in life. Don’t get overly self-involved. Enjoy yourself when out in the world. Learn to take time off and relax.


The most difficult way is not always the best